Graduation Cap Decorations – more and more graduates are decorating their graduation caps, also known as mortar boards, with unique identifiers and custom styles. Everyone has a unique personality all their own, and showing that personality off on the top of your head during the most memorable day in your life is awe-inspiring.

The following styles were taken from social media and aggregated from a list, to show the most popular decoration ideas on average. Almost all had a phrase – something interesting and defining – and many decorations had content relative to the major. For instance, a music major had sheet notes.

Glitter was definitely up there, and so were flowers. Some people went nuts and built a whole construction on their heads, while others played it down and kept it classy. All credit is given by links to social media profiles of the creators.

Here’s the top ten most popular Graduation Cap Decorations:

10: Flowered outline with a noteworthy center

credit goes to IOveanne

9: Sparkle with some flowers

credit goes to electricwordlife

8: Lettering a-plenty

credit goes to Balls-of-Light

7: Elegant with contrast

credit goes to sillyraycyrus

6: Eye-popping flowers and letter stickers

credit goes to petite-guerriere

5: Little words, a lot of sparkle


credit goes to russianroulette1019

4: Background of glitter, edge embellishment and a ribbon

credit goes to lifes-contradiction

3: Famous and popular scene from a movie

credit goes to cinderellas-palace

2: Edgy and retro with glued sparkle letters

credit goes to abysspatrol

1: Simple and stylish with a splash of color

credit goes to itssomeplacenew We hope these ideas inspire you and help you find the perfect touch to your graduation cap! You will remember your graduation day for the rest of your life. Might as well have something to remember it by!

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