The 10 nicest shiny sparkly graduation caps we could find are listed below! As you begin the final phase of your current education, your graduation date approaches faster than ever before. If you are going to decorate your graduation cap, you have to go all the way. That means lots of bling, bedazzled rhinestones, and Swarovski crystals, or flowers and other sparkly embellishments. It isn’t easy, and takes a quite a few laborious hours, but since when are you known to go the easy route in life?

An easy way to get started with this labor of love is to buy all colors of the rhinestones or crystals you need, and only use sparing amounts of Tacky glue when applying the stones to your graduation hat. A tiny bit will be enough to hold each stone in place. Add a bow to one side of the cap for an elegant look.

1:  Rhinestones everywhere & a bow

2:  Blinged-out center with flower surround

3:  Shining in the sun with silver foil

4:  See yourself in this mirror?

5:  Could it be Art Deco?

6:  Your initials here, graduate

7:  Elegant and classy with no frills

8:  A big apple for the graduating teacher

9:  From afar, the hat is covered in sprinkles

10:  On both sides, just in case

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