Customize your graduation cap – If you don’t make a graduation cap that represents your unique perspective on life…

Customize your graduation cap so people know who you are and you have a snapshot of yourself at a defining moment in your life!

Then people won’t know who you are, and the world will have to wait until you prove yourself out there before they get to know you. I would argue that the physical look of the graduation cap is secondary to the content within. It can speak volumes about you – and that is something you would want to cherish and share with those closest to you.

Custom graduation caps are meant to tell the world who you are – what your worldview is. Why would you want to do that? Here’s ten reasons why:

1.  Some of us paid a lot for our degree! We will be paying it off for years to come, and we want to relieve some of that financial anxiety by getting something out of the last day.

2.  We can always look back at our graduation day and tell our children that we had the coolest-designed graduation cap in school. They weren’t around yet to negate that statement!

3.  Ten or twenty years later you could be reminded which way you thought your life was going – this is especially true if you went the complete opposite route!

4.  If you are an artist – this is a poignant memory and a way to prove to yourself how much creativity you are capable of. If you aren’t an artist – even so, freezing your worldview in time serves as a way to gauge where you are and your worldview later in life.

5.  It is truly fun to get creative. You could have majored in Criminal Justice and never taken an art class – you haven’t lived until you made something with your hands.

6.  By thinking about what really belongs on your graduation cap, you end up asking yourself all sorts of metaphysical questions about who you really are.

7.  By poking and prodding inside yourself, you can learn new things about yourself you didn’t even know were there! This is especially true if you flew through and didn’t take any time to consider anything else during your time in school.

8.  Who doesn’t want to have the most awesome cap in the whole school? If you put the energy and time required to get to know who you are, you will definitely have the best one!

9.  You can sell ad space on the top of your head to pay back some of those loans you took out. It has been done before with success.

10.  Soul-searching is one of the most important things you can do as you climb your way through academia to the next level of your life!

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