Aladdin Graduation Cap Designs – If you grew up in the ’90’s or 2000’s, you may be a fan of Aladdin. It was an amazing movie by Disney about a genie, a love story, and an exotic, distant land. What’s there not to love? Many quotes from the movie have resonated with several generations, and many of them look great on your graduation cap.

We hope these designs help you find inspiration for your very own custom style graduation cap!

The Nicest Aladdin Graduation Cap Designs Are Found Below:

1:  Its true! Now that you graduated, a whole new world is out there…

2:  You finally graduated! And you are free!!!

3:  The theme that there is a new world out there is recurring! But it does sound good, doesn’t it?

4:  Princess Jasmine and the Genie take center stage here.

5:  The genie is free!! And so are you =) Is the next step more school or a career?

6:  Here’s Princess Jasmine with a shiny aquamarine dress on. A pearl outline completes the graduation cap.

7:  Another awesome quote from Aladdin that resonates with graduates!

8:  A bonus Disney cap at the end that is hilarious. You may be a college (or high school) grad but you’re never old enough for Disney World!

We hope these aladdin graduation cap designs offer you some insight into your own ideas and style. Make sure you customize your graduation cap. You only graduate once (or at most, a few times) in your life! Make it last with an awesome graduation cap that you can keep as a memento of the hard work you put into obtaining that degree.

Remember to check our other posts for all types of styles and decorations for your graduation cap!

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