Dentist Graduation Cap Decorations – so you want to be the keeper of smiles? All of us depend on clean, white teeth for so many reasons. You want to give a good first impression at interviews. Your teeth need to be sparkling if you are on the air. If you are missing a tooth in front, it is unsightly and hurts our self-esteem.

Regardless if you are a dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, or dental technician, you have a fondness for our mouth bones. Some of us are terrified of sitting in the chair, but you spent years studying the mouth, so we want to make your graduation cap research a little easier. Hopefully the below examples inspire you to create your very own design.

Here are the nicest dentist graduation cap decorations we found!

1:  Holy moly..I mean molar. That’s an awesome quote!

Dental Hygiene Graduation Cap RDH:

2:  Now that’s what I call a wisdom tooth. Topped off with a bow!

3:  Embellishments like rhinestones really make that tooth stand out and go well with the theme.

4:  A tiny tooth works too. Sunflower seeds though will expedite your trip to the dentist!

5:  It goes a long way! Also, take note of the little teeth with graduation caps on them, that’s terrific.

6:  The recurring theme here is shiny stones, they resemble enamel for that brushed clean look.

7:  The tooth here is the center, with the whole graduation cap studded!

8:  Here we have a dental hygienist with a very neat and clean look. This is the kind you want working on your mouth.

9:  There’s room for flowers in all graduation caps. They just look great on top of your head, no matter what major you have.

10:  Wow, that’s some effort. So shiny….

11:  More stones! With a cute bow off to the side. The outline finishes the cap.

12:  No tooth? No problem. The contrast makes this graduation cap look great in photos. You won’t be missed in the sea of mortarboards!

We hope these graduation cap decorations give you inspiration for your design. Remember to do more research before confirming your style. And don’t tell anyone in class. You don’t want your classmate to have a similar thing going on. You know they will do theirs too.

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