Latina Graduation Cap Decorations – so you are Latina and you are about to graduate. Your parents worked hard, and so will you. You made them proud by graduating. You used the tools of success to build on what they have achieved.

Success is in your future! Show everyone at graduation how proud you are of your heritage by creating a design inspired by your background!

Latina Graduation Cap Decorations are listed below!

1:  Flowers make every graduation cap that much better!

2:  Yes you can! The hardest part is over!

3:  Mom and dad helped you stick through it to the end!

4:  Simple, classy and sends a message. Don’t mess with a Latina!

5:  The outline here seals the deal. the flowers are an added bonus.

6:  Be proud of your heritage! Your future is bright and opportunity is everywhere.

7:  Now is the time to take a deep breath. You may be already planning your next degree!

8:  There is no bolder statement than this – your achievements are the culmination of your parents’ efforts and your own!

9:  Strong and awesome! Never be afraid to speak your mind, especially if others don’t want or refuse to hear you.

10:  Frieda Kahlo is a cultural icon in Mexico and here in the U.S. A great person to put on your head at graduation!

We hope these designs inspire all the Latinas out there to make their own custom designs. Show us! Keep these ideas in mind when decorating your own cap, but remember, be inventive! Add a personal flair all your own for the best graduation cap.

Remember to check our other posts for all types of styles and decorations for your graduation cap!

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