Theater Major Graduation Cap Decorations – The most awesome artists get a gig on Broadway, to perform, write or otherwise work in the background on huge spectacles that attract thousands of people. The performing arts are a cornerstone of Western Civilization. We learn life lessons from performers on Broadway, and it is a noble art to be part of the story!

Theater Major Graduation Cap Decorations are found below:

1:  If you are an actor, this rings true! The best place to be, is on stage telling a story.

2:  Writers work behind the curtain, unseen by the public. However, no play would be complete without their labor.

3:  The famous comedy/tragedy masks are found right on the top in this inspiring and shimmering graduation cap!

4:  The sky is the limit on Broadway – flying is not out of the question. Just ask Spider man!

5:  From the Broadway musical Hamilton – this quote looks excellent on your cap on graduation day!

6:  The closing of the curtains signals the end of the struggle to get your degree!

7:  This awesomely shiny graduation cap design helps stand out from the crowd – the show must go on (to grad school perhaps)!

8:  The quote here is kind of long winded, but the outline and background is pretty. You may want to trim your words down to the bare minimum!

9:  Yet another Hamilton quote that makes plenty of sense on your head – there’s much more to do after you graduate!

10: The Wizard of Oz symbolizes that everything is possible – and you don’t need someone else to do it for you!

We hope these designs help all the music majors out there. Keep these ideas in mind when decorating your own cap, but remember, be inventive! Add a personal flair all your own for the best graduation cap.

Remember to check our other posts for all types of styles and decorations for your graduation cap!

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