Decorate your grad cap! Every so often we make a little compilation of the most popular new designs out there. This time, you are getting a collection of popular caps that can help you past an indecisive moment in your graduation cap design stage.

What’s on your grad cap?

1:  If your grad cap comes in dark blue, half the work is done!

2:  This one made its rounds on the internet, and it has a place here.

3:  The Hunger Games are based on merit – and so is school (minus the fight to the death part).

4:  Glue a Pikachu to your head to make a dramatic entrance.

5:  Gold is classy and elegant – this design is sure to stand out. A famous line from Lord of the Rings, written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

6:  This one is fresh off the press – and it has tons of bling to sparkle for the cameras.

7:  Floral and pouring out from the sides with color, is what’s on your graduation cap. Look a butterfly!

8:  Hand-painted takes the longest, but is arguably the nicest. Add some bling selectively to finish it off!

9:  For those of us more snarky than the rest, we can tell certain people to take a hike at this point.

10: Kanye West’s quote from Good Morning is a tribute to the graduating class. A yellow background makes you kind of hard to miss.

11:  The giving tree looks like a broccoli here, a little bit. Just saying.

12:  This tribute to 20th century gaming is on point – with an awesome green outline, like an old monitor!

13:  If you have close friends you are graduating with, consider doing it together. You get more points that way.

14:  Decorate your grad cap with a sheep…because the year you graduate is the year your sleep gets so much better!

15:  A super neat design that is perfectly aligned – this one took a lot of energy.

16:  The world is your oyster, now that you have specialized training.

17:  Rhinestones go a long way – and they are very photogenic.

18:  The Sailor Moon color scheme really wows with a red bow to finish it off.

19:  This is your solution if you have patience and you to decorate your grad cap to look like a masterpiece.

20:  There’s no better way to celebrate graduation day than with your closest friends and family!

We hope you find inspiration in these awesome graduation cap decorations. There’s plenty more out there, and more coming each graduating year. Add your unique touch to make it personalized!

Remember to check our other posts for all types of styles and decorations for your graduation cap!

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