The Funniest Graduation Cap Decorations we found on the web are here for your amusement. We all want to have a laugh, and some of us are definitely funnier than others. Obtaining a college degree isn’t all fun and games, so when we get a chance to make fun of it, we take it. You don’t always need to be so serious.

Here are a collection of the funniest graduation cap decorations and designs for you to use on your head. Shrug off that pile of debt with a joke!

1:  Morbid, but poetic. Angsty much?

2:  Believe it or not, this has been done to pay off college tuition.

3:  If you have hungry (furry) mouths to feed, college will help!

4:  Another cat-inspired cap for those cat lovers out there.

5:  Some of us have near-impossible mountains of debt, so yes, we are technically poor.

6:  For the troll in all of us…

7:  Because earning your degree is exhausting!

8:  Many a book have been written on how to spring bad news – use a joyous moment to distract them!

9:  Because who doesn’t love pizza? Mmm…so cheesy.

10:  This graduation cap rocks. Creative at its finest, the koala’s nose is the button on the cap.

11:  For Harry Potter fans – Hogwarts doesn’t take many applications these days…

12:  You can pay that off in no time. Keep your grades up!

These are the funniest graduation cap decorations we found. If you have more that you think are hilarious and wish to include them – feel free to email us at

You spent the last four years working your butt off. Smile and joke about it. People with a sense of humor live longer. Never take anything too seriously!

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