Engineering graduation cap designs we think awesome are found below. You want to build things with your hands and your brain? Engineers make the world a better place, so we want to help. We have just the thing for your graduation cap decoration. Are you graduating to be a mechanical engineer? Biomedical engineering up your alley? Electrical? Or civil engineering? Maybe you studied to be an architectural engineer. Software engineering is another favorite. There’s so many to choose from!

No matter what major you chose and what you aspire to be, if you are an engineer, your legacy will last for eternity. Civil engineers can design structures that last long after you are gone. Biomedical engineers save lives. The demand for mechanical, electrical and software engineers is skyrocketing (and so are the salaries)!

No matter what field you chose to work in, two things are for certain. First, you like math! Second, engineers make the most intricate graduation cap decorations out there. Engineers prefer substance over style – and that makes for awesome designs!

Here are the best engineering graduation cap designs we could source:

1:  That’s pretty clever, you civil engineer, you.

2:  A circuit board in the shape of a heart, etched with lasers!

3:  A square root that is indeed necessary for life!

4:  For electrical engineers, you can’t go wrong with a programmed digital display with Arduino board on your head.

5:  Missing the digital display, but everything else is intact!

6:  Mechanical engineers use nuts, bolts and…flowers?! Nevertheless, it looks terrific.

7:  A ruler is absolutely vital to the engineering sciences.

8:  A software engineer’s best friend is his code! The pun here is a frozen computer.

9:  Keep it classy with a pearl bead outline.

10: This one takes the cake for neatness – someone used a ruler!

We hope these engineering graduation cap designs inspire you create your own style!

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