Teaching Graduation Cap Decorations Part Two – You need more inspiration?! Of course you do! This is a huge step for all of us, and you need to see as many as you can before making your decision.

Because what kind of educator would you be if you didn’t do your homework?

Teaching Graduation Cap Decorations Part Two are listed below!


1:  This simple, classy design uses white space and has the unmistakable teacher’s apple to signify who you are.


2:  Put your name on there! Your students will respect you right off the bat. 


3:  There’s a special place in heaven for educators of developmentally disabled children.


4:  This class act has a shimmering red background, a tiny Christian cross, crayons and the whole nine yards, and yet it doesn’t stand out as too much. Brilliant!


5:  A different take on the special education graduation cap, this jigsaw puzzle is phenomenal.


6:  Education majors unite! What a clever way to design an outline…pencils! Fantastic. The red apple is, of course, the primary focal point.


7:  This statement is so true..you help connect the dots for our youngest generation!


8:  the jigsaw puzzle returns, and this time it’s shiny! You can’t get better than that. Simple yet effective with a monogram and pearl outline.


9:  A great quote, it truly is a work of heart. You need a lot of patience with some unruly students, but they need you all the more for that.


10:  Some rhinestones, lettering and an apple make this simple design timeless.


We hope you find inspiration from the second installment in our series, Teaching Graduation Cap Decorations Part Two. For all you educators, you inspire the new generation and can be likened to their hero. All of us know at least one amazing teacher from our earliest years of school. Kudos!

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