Latina Graduation Cap Decorations Part Two continues the hunt for the most inspiring designs for dreamers, immigrants, and hard-working first generation Americans!

Latina Graduation Cap Decorations Part Two are listed below!

1: We are living in interesting times – and borders don’t matter anymore! The only thing that matters is your graduation cap decoration.

2: Your parents knew the moment they had the idea to come here – that you would achieve everything you set out to do! They worked hard but you worked harder!

3: Yes, you can graduate college with good grades! And decorate your graduation cap, of course.

4: The children of immigrants come here and do great things – it is a recipe for success!

5: First generation and you love it. Your contemporaries that were born here just don’t have the drive and stamina that you do.

6: This awesome design follows the theme of flowers, but with an added base layer of stripes to spice things up.

7: A photo of your parents on your grad cap is an everlasting tribute to their hard work. You are here and you are graduating, just one step away from total success!

8: Butterflies, flowers and rhinestones really work excellent together!


9: Strips again, but with life-size butterflies in the mix.  Fantastically creative! This is a memento of your graduation you can keep forever.

10: Your heritage and your degree give you a special perspective that is priceless. Keep up the hard work!

We hope these designs continue to inspire all the Latinas out there to make their own custom designs. Show us! Keep these ideas in mind when decorating your own cap, but remember, be inventive! Add a personal flair all your own for the best graduation cap.

Remember to check our other posts for all types of styles and decorations for your graduation cap!

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