The Second Most Awesome Dentist Graduation Cap Decorations is a follow up to our first post about dentistry and how to make an awesome grad cap.

Regardless if you are a dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, or dental technician, you have a fondness for our mouth bones. Some of us are terrified of sitting in the chair, but you spent years studying the mouth, so we want to make your graduation cap research a little easier. Hopefully the below examples inspire you to create your very own design.

Here are the second most awesome dentist graduation cap decorations we found!

1:  Keep it molar. You don’t need to show off, if you don’t want to. Just one tooth will do.

2:  This rings true – you don’t want to be naked on the stage, do you?

3:  Here we have an RDH graduate posing with her grad cap – and a great motto!

4:  What a classy and simple look. The outline is actually very refreshing. Perfect font, and ratio/proportions. 10/10

5:  That’s right! Go hard or go home! Dental school is only one more step on the ladder to success.

6:  A winking tooth is a great touch on this grad cap – a little color doesn’t hurt either!

7:  This over-the-top glamorous grad cap has gold, rhinestones and what appears to be a gorgeous light pink tooth. Because graduation day is a big deal.

8:  This stunning graduation cap hasn’t a millimeter free that is not shiny.

9:  You could almost eat the candy directly from this eye-popping grad cap. The tooth is the only protected space – as it should be!

10: That’s right, undergrad is over! Graduation day is the first day of the rest of your life.

We hope these graduation cap decorations give you inspiration for your design. Remember to do more research before confirming your style. And don’t tell anyone in class. You don’t want your classmate to have a similar thing going on. You know they will do theirs too.

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