If you are business-savvy, you know to lean on others for advice. We compiled a list of the nicest business graduation cap designs just for you!

You want to work in a fast-paced, think-on-the-fly environment. You need sharp intellect and you pay great attention to the details. In business, the sky is the limit! The business graduation cap decorations below are here to help you find inspiration for your grad cap!

1: A simple, poignant statement is in the spirit in business. The rhinestone outline here seals the deal.

2:  Black and gold, baby! This shimmering background is definitely the way to go.

3:  Burgundy screams old money…the kind of people that are great to know in finance. The flowers are a great touch and pop out!

4:  Here we have a four-square pattern describing the graduate’s philosophy and skills. It truly is a mosaic of yourself!

5:  For business majors, this seems to be the right quote. Your business graduation cap decoration is a reflection of your values!

6:  Another brilliantly simple outline, with a nice little red ribbon for a finishing touch.

7:  A blue shimmering background meets the Empire State Building, and an outline that could use a little tidying.

8:  This gorgeous grad cap is from a business major. Sometimes you have to think outside of the box! Don’t be afraid to experiment.

9:  How many catchy phrases can you incorporate in your design? It all depends. The calculator here is a great touch.

10: The focus is on the marketing guru here. The studded and neat outline provides a nice finish on a shimmering black background.

We want to help graduates figure out the best way to decorate and customize their graduation caps! The business graduation cap decorations you see here were found scatted on the internet.

These ideas are a springboard, but you should always look to make yours unique. Whether you are a business, economics, accounting, marketing, or finance major, use these as inspiration.

Keep in mind, your graduation day is one of the most, if not the most, important day of your life. You want to look back on the day you graduated, and have a keepsake to remind you of your accomplishments. Maybe you will have children one day, and you can show them how creative you were on your special day.

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