Do you need inspiration for your psychology graduation cap decorations? If you major in psychology, neuroscience, social work, or counseling, we have you covered. The study of the human brain is not easy, but you did it, so kudos!

Below is a list of graduates that will be practicing in the near future, and the designs they put on their caps. Hopefully you can use these ideas as inspiration in your own design!

1:  Psychology majors get psyched upon graduation.

2:  The Psy symbol is a longstanding nod to the Western art and science of studying the human brain.

3:  Why else would you want to study the human brain?

4:  When you date a psych major, you better watch your words.

5:  The brain again, but split in half – one side creative and the other data-driven.

6:  Embellished outline with a center focal point!

7:  Flowers always make the graduation cap pop!

8:  Therapists everywhere should give a nod to this one

9:  One more nod to I’m Psyched – so many graduates use it, this one has a brain.

10:  You can always keep it classy and simple!

We hope this helped all you neuroscience, counseling, psychology and social work majors in figuring out the styles you would like to see on top of your graduation cap!

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