Criminal Justice Graduation Cap Designs from all over the web are compiled here, to give you the best guide to creating your own cap. You chose a noble profession; law and order. You majored in law enforcement, criminology, forensics, or criminal justice. You want to protect us civilians from the bad guys, and that’s awesome of you. In turn, we will help you make a stunning graduation cap to memorialize your graduation!

Here are the ten most awesome criminal justice graduation cap designs we can find!

1: Yellow crime scene tape outline with a fingerprint. Make your mark!

2: Are those real handcuffs? A blue line indicates the police academy – catch those bad guys!

3:  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is definitely a prestigious employer – with great benefits.

4: Is that a chalk outline…with a diploma?!

5:  Because you can never have too much embellishment.

6:  Please see exhibit one for inspiration for your own graduation cap!

7:  Keeping it simple with a badge, a baton and sunglasses.

8: A blue line for law enforcement, made from sequins!

9: Awesome fingerprint pattern throughout – with glitter!

10: A dose of forensic science adds to a religious saying on this well-outlined example.

We hope this post helps graduates figure out the best way to decorate and customize their graduation caps! These ideas are a springboard, but you should always look to make yours unique. Whether you are a forensic science, criminology, law enforcement or criminal justice major, use these as inspiration.

Keep in mind, your graduation day is one of the most, if not the most, important day of your life. You want to look back on the day you graduated, and have a keepsake to remind you of your accomplishments. Maybe you will have children one day, and you can show them how creative you were on your special day.

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