The animal-themed graduation cap designs are inspired by people like you who adore animals! Your best friend helped you make it through school, and kept you company on those long study nights. It only makes sense that you pay tribute to them on graduation day!

Animal-Themed Graduation Cap Decorations are listed below!

1:  Even if you aren’t a cat lady, you have to admit they can be considered a study aid.

2:  If you have multiple animals and unsure of which to place – how about all of them? I doubt this graduate has a moose though…

3:  With that bump in salary after school, you can buy them organic food. Yum!

4:  Animal print is in! This leopard grad cap is super stylish.

5:  A take on a popular style, here we have a cat paw!

6:  Wow! Now that’s serious attention to detail. A glimmering paw for good luck, and you’re golden.

7:  This is a shimmering example. Very neat, perfectly square with animal feet all over it. The outline seals it nicely.

8:  Under the sea, there’s a turtle, an octopus and fish! This one a long time to finish but it was worth it.

9:  This is another leopard print, totally fashionable, totally awesome. No words needed here, just an awesome pink bow!

10:  This one is over the top slightly. The outline could have been a little thinner. That’s just an opinion, though. If you like it, use it!

Remember, your furry friend was always there for you when you needed them. They don’t complain (unless they are hungry), they don’t cause drama or make you late for class. Imagine if you can find a partner that is so easy-going!

We hope these designs help all the graduates out there. Keep these ideas in mind when decorating your own cap, but remember, be inventive! Add a personal flair all your own for the best graduation cap.

Remember to check our other posts for all types of styles and decorations for your graduation cap!

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