The cutest graduation cap decorations and ideas we could find are right here, just for you. Whether it is a kitty or a cartoon, if you want a cute design on your graduation cap, our hope is that you find it right here. Remember, graduation day is arguably the most important highlight in your life, so put the work in! You won’t be sorry when your kids see how creative you were on your graduation day.

Here’s the list of Top Ten Cutest Graduation Cap Decorations:

1:  Those magical ears you know and love. Minnie Mouse!

I'm so excited about my little mermaid graduation cap! Photo only. Made with silhouette cameo.:

2:  Darling, it’s better. Down where it’s wetter! This graduation cap took a lot of time and energy, but it is definitely a memento.

3:  The genie has inspirational words – you finished your degree!

4:  This graduation cap theme revolves around cuteness, and you could see why a studio like Pixel takes the cake.

5:  The wise owl can make a guest appearance on your graduation day.

6:  One of the most famous Japanese pop culture icons of all time…Hello Kitty!

7: This is one of the cutest graduation cap decorations. Your magic carpet is your degree – and it will take you anywhere you want!

8:  Nobody matters except for you! (and maybe those close to you). Remember, your peers may be competing for the same jobs that you want…

9:  You really can’t go wrong with roses, or the color pink. A bow is always a nice touch, too.

10:  Flowers rock! The color pops out at your classmates and makes them jealous. If that’s your thing.

These are the cutest graduation cap decorations (in our subjective opinions). They are compiled here to give you some inspiration in your own designs. When you are considering what style you want for your cap, make sure you do some research! Who knows? One day twenty years from now you might want to dust off your cap to let the next generation rock it!

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